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Love Your Pet, Today and EVERY Day!

Woman with long brown hair wearing a red blouse, showing the love sign with her hands.
Love your EVERY day!

Hello all, Traci here with Traci's Paws, and I am excited to get back to blogging with The Paws Spot, providing tips, information, and resources to help you with pet parenting!

So, many of you may already know that today is designated as "National Love Your Pet Day," but I understand, and you know that EVERY day is "Love Your Pet Day"!

As a pet guardian to my mom's dog (my sister), Bebe the Chi, I could love on her all day long. Hugs, kisses, squishes, all the things to show her affection. While some dogs like this, not all do, and cats, well, we know what many cats think about this behavior!

So, let's look at the whole picture of what loving your pet might look like.

How many of you are parents out there?

I was not blessed with any human children, but I liken pet children to human children because they need the same care and love.

Pets are very innocent. Even when they scratch you or bite you, usually there is a more significant reason behind it, and this behavior is a reaction to pain, fear, frustration, etc.... they cannot speak to us with words, only through actions.

Making sure you show your pet respect and providing basic pet needs, veterinary care, etc., are ways that we can also show our pets love.

Woman with long brown hair giving a black chihuahua a kiss on the cheek.
Love your pet day!

Respect my pet?

How can I show my pet respect?

Understanding and knowing the nature of your pet is a great start.

Let's take a dog, for example. While you think your dog may love hugs and having your face in his, generally hugging and putting his face in another dog's face is not a dog's natural behavior. This behavior can cause fear or a threat. You are lucky if you've been fortunate to carry out this behavior with no issues! I'm not saying every dog will bite if you hug it; just know it is possible. Bebe is a very docile girl who loves affection and would never bite.

But my baby Emee always bit me when I got my face too close.

Just know that unnatural behavior toward your pet could be perceived as a threat or evoke fear, resulting in getting bitten. So, you can show respect by not engaging in unnatural behavior and not putting your pet in a situation that could endanger your pet, you, or someone else or even cause reason for euthanasia.

Black Chihuahua with a lot of greying, eating dinner from her food bowl.
Bebe eating her dinner.

Providing basic needs for your pet is, well, pretty basic. Providing food, water, and a clean shelter that keeps your pet safe from other animals (predators), out of extreme weather or temperature, ensuring there are no ways for your pet to escape and get lost (holes in a fence), making sure your pet has a microchip and that the contact information remains up to date. All these things are considered basic needs and don't have to be state-of-the-art or expensive.

The next topic I mentioned goes hand in hand with basic needs: providing regular veterinary care for your pet. Just like taking your kiddos to the doctor for annual visits or when they get sick, you should do the same for your pet. While not everyone has pet insurance, and veterinary care is expensive, some resources can be found for people facing financial difficulty. It may not always be the easiest to schedule or get approved for, but your pet is worth it. They are innocent, love you unconditionally, and deserve the best healthcare. Besides, the healthier they are, the longer they will live.

These are just a few things you can do as pet parents to help ensure your pet is loved and well cared for. We can love our pets in many more ways, giving them their best lives. Please feel free to list in the comments how you love your pet!

We hope you enjoy this day and every day with your little fur angel!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!


Six year old girl with dark brown hair holding a white dog. This dog was dumped illegally at her house by its previous owner.
Traci with Cheerleader, one of the many pets dumped at her childhood home.

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