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“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

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Traci's Paws Pet food and Bedding Donati
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Traci’s Paws, Inc. is not a rescue group, but the very first 501c3 tax-exempt, organization of its kind, founded for Pet Rescue Assistance, to assist all 501c3 pet rescue organizations. With your donations, we are able to help rescue organizations thrive, and increase their adoption success rates by providing monetary donations and supplies needed year-round.


We accept monetary donations that will help us continue the great work in saving the lives of animals by facilitating adoption events, fundraisers, Humane Education classes and even to cover adoption fees for approved military families through charity events like Unleash the Holiday Cheer. To see the complete line of work we do to assist rescue organizations, help our community and save pet's lives, please click HERE!

We are thrilled to announce we have added a NEW Pet Food Fund to help our own community in addition to our rescue partners, during the pandemic to compensate for our canceled public Pet Food Drives. Click here for the Pet Food Fund page!

Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting the items below or distributing them at this time, to help slow the spread.

Be advised, we may lift this in the future.

You may donate to our Pet Food Fund, where we will order the food needed online and have it delivered directly to the recipient from the manufacturer.

We also accept donations that are listed below, to be dispersed among the rescues who request our assistance.


Unopened packaged or canned food for cats, dogs, and small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, etc...) Please check online before purchasing to ensure items are not on a national recall list with the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Dog Beds

Carefresh Bedding or the like, for small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, etc…) No shavings please.



Food Bowls

We always appreciate your generosity. Please contact us if you have a large donation that will require pick up.

Again, thank you for all that you do to support us, to help save the lives of animals.

You may also shop with AmazonSmile, to help raise funds for our organization! Just select Traci's Paws as your charity of choice and click the AmazonSmile box to start shopping!

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