Paws Parties

Facilitate pet birthday parties that benefit local rescues.

Traci's Paws is always looking for innovative ways for fundraising opportunities to help benefit our local 501c3 pet rescue organizations. We also know how much your pets mean to you, and want to celebrate your pet by hosting a "Paws Party". We have thrown "Paws Parties" for many local dogs and even a 68 year old Cockatoo! We have raised thousands of dollars in monetary donations and collected hundreds of pounds of dry and canned pet food and supplies for our local rescues. We are limited to only 52 weeks a year, and you must contact us at least 8 weeks in advance for a party, for proper marketing. The sooner, the better when contacting us for your pet's Paws Party!
We will facilitate a Paws Party for any type of pet at approved venues, and even host for a pet that is awaiting adoption in your rescue!

501(c)3 EIN 46-3689477



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