Shop for a Cause

There are several ways to give back to Traci's Paws.

We have an online shop with PAWsome items that are available for a donation and a group of organizations who give you a discount to shop with them and provide a donation to us.

First, we have custom Emee the Chi Trucker Hats by PupLid and Traci's Paws' Charity Charms that are available for the suggested donation listed for each item. Be sure to see shipping details for each item, as they are different based on the item.


Below with our "Discounts for you, Donations to Traci's Paws" are a group of partners who provide Traci's Paws with a percentage of sales when you shop with them on their online stores, PLUS give a discount to YOU!


Many thanks to you, and many thanks to our partners who want to give back to Traci's Paws!

Online Shop

Our first order of PupLid Hats will be placed with the manufacturer on Sunday, February 21, 2021. The donation price does not include shipping.

All orders after will be placed with the manufacturer weekly.

Charity Charms may be ordered anytime, and the order will be fulfilled the same day.

The donation price includes shipping.