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There are several ways to give back to Traci's Paws.

We have an online shop with PAWsome items that are available for a donation and a group of organizations who give you a discount to shop with them and provide a donation to us.

First, we have custom Emee the Chi Trucker Hats by PupLid and Traci's Paws' Charity Charms that are available for the suggested donation listed for each item. Be sure to see shipping details for each item, as they are different based on the item.


Below with our "Discounts for you, Donations to Traci's Paws" are a group of partners who provide Traci's Paws with a percentage of sales when you shop with them on their online stores, PLUS give a discount to YOU!


Many thanks to you, and many thanks to our partners who want to give back to Traci's Paws!

Online Shop

Our first order of PupLid Hats will be placed with the manufacturer on Sunday, February 21, 2021. The donation price does not include shipping.

All orders after will be placed with the manufacturer weekly.

Charity Charms may be ordered anytime, and the order will be fulfilled the same day.

The donation price includes shipping.

Discounts for YOU,

Donations to Traci's Paws!

Check out these amazing partners who graciously donate a portion of the sales generated by our wonderful supporters!

Great ways to give back while shopping for things you need and already purchase.

Just be sure to always say or choose Traci's Paws at check out, and we will receive a percentage of your sale back as a donation from one of our partners you see below.

Many thanks to you, and many thanks to our partners who want to give back to Traci's Paws!

SAVE $20 on Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test
Get $20 off when you order a Wisdom Panel Doggy DNA kit from us!! Wisdom will also send us a $20 donation, when you shop using the link here!
When you click the Pets4Christ banner, you'll be directed to their online store of pawsome pet accessories. When you are ready to check out, you will need to scroll through their list of pawtners, (which is in alphabetical order), please find Traci's Paws at the bottom and click us, so we'll receive a portion of your sale!
Amazon Smile for Traci's Paws
Just click this banner, and you'll be directed to Traci's Paws on AmazonSmile! After your purchase, Amazon will donate a portion of your sales to us as a donation, easy peasy!
10% off with Puppies Make Me Happy
Puppies Make Me Happy Give you 10% off and Give Traci's Paws 10% of your purchase back as a donation!
Order a personalized pet shirt, and Inkopious will give a portion of your purchase to Traci's Paws as a donation!
Winspire Hotel Program
Winspire has created an AMAZING Hotel Giveback program that not only gives you 50% off of hotels all over the world, but will give us 30% back on your purchase of a reservation!

Promotion ends November 1, 2018 - Stay must occur before June 30, 2019. Be sure to choose Traci's Paws at check out or if you call in to make the reservation, please let them know you want

Traci's Paws to receive credit for the "Hotel Giveback Program"!
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