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Foster Hero

Consider being a foster hero and help save a homeless pets' life!

Tracis Paws Foster Hero Spokesdogs Emee
Traci's Paws Foster a pet Brian and Doxi

While we are always looking to find people who want to foster pets year-round, we are specifically looking for fosters who may only want to give 2 weeks of their time, from July 1- July 14th.

The one day of the year where more companion animals go missing is the 4th of July. Many pets are afraid of fireworks and run away.

We recognize this and want to help our local rescue organizations, shelters and centers, with their "Clear the Kennels" initiative. This is a temporary 2 week foster program to help clear the kennels before the 4th of July to make room for the scared, and lost pets coming in.

Together, the participating rescues will exit over 100 animals from the shelters this year to make room for lost pets, and give shelter staff and volunteers 2 weeks to help locate their owners.

Will you be a foster hero and help make room for a lost pet?

You will receive food for your foster cat or dog for the 2 weeks it is in your care, and we just ask that you love your foster pet and post some pictures on social media to help it find a home. After 2 weeks, the rescue will take your foster back unless it is adopted before your time is up!


Over the last few years the rescues were able to exit hundreds of pets, and almost all of them found new homes in just 14 days!

If you want to be a foster hero, please fill out the Foster Hero Application which can be downloaded and emailed back to

Let us know if you have any questions, and we cannot wait to have you be part of our Foster Hero Team!

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