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Meet our Spokesdogs!

Meet our spokesdogs, Lexi the Dachs and Emee the Chi!

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Traci's Paws Spokesdog Lexi wearing a Sh
Lexi Emee Super Bloom.png

Emee is a Deer Chihuahua, from San Ysidro, CA.


She is a bit shy and prefers to be with her mommy everywhere she goes! 

Her favorite thing is blanket time on the couch or to be very close to a person who loves her.

Emee is also an Emotional Support Animal and now an officially trained medical alert Service Dog. As an ESA, she helps provide comfort and prevents anxiety in stressful situations for her person, like during travel and public speaking. As a medical alert service animal, she can alert for migraines and high glucose levels.

Emee's estimated birthday is June 26th and is 13 years old.

Emee used to belong to our founder's stepfather but as his Vascular Dementia progressed too far, she needed to go live with Traci.

So....Emee used to be Traci's sister before she was her dogter!

Emee is a wonderful spokesdog for Traci's Paws, an advocate for senior dog adoption, and is also a Woof Woof Ranger for Doggie Diggz!

You can catch Emee on Instagram and Facebook as she has her OWN pages!

Lexi was a Miniature Dachshund from San Antonio, TX. She moved to San Diego with her mother (our founder), in 2002. 

She really loved people and liked to explore. When she was young, she would go to school with her mother every last Friday of the month and hang out with her First Grade students.

Lexi's birthday was March 13th and turned 18 years old at her last birthday.

Her favorite thing was to eat and be around people.

Sadly, Lexi passed away on October 14, 2019 at 18 years and 7 months old.

Lexi was an amazing spokesdog for Traci's Paws and we miss her so very much every day.

Lexi and Emee always went on road trips with their mother to visit their 95-year-old Great-Granny in Ruidoso Downs, NM and Emee will continue on the journey in Lexi's honor.

You can follow Emee and see many photos of Lexi on our Instagram account at @TracisPaws

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