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Doggies & Donuts

Join us for San Diego's first ever Adoption/Meetup/Networking event!

Traci's Paws Doggies and Donuts guests
Traci's Paws Doggies and Donuts and spok

Join us for our NEW event series, Traci's Paws Doggies & Donuts!

In 2020 we will meet at Quartyard, Your City Block for all four events for the community, dog adoptions, meet like minded dog lovers, and local pet businesses such as pet sitters, groomers, representatives from veterinary hospitals, etc...who you may want to connect with for your own pets.

Each Doggies and Donuts event is rain or shine, and will have a large covered area for us to gather in case it rains. 

Street parking only, and some meters only accept coins. Please be sure to bring your change if the meter you find does not accept cards.

Please make sure you order your donut in time, we only buy 100 Donut Bar donuts for each event.

If we ever have any leftovers for whatever reason, we will raffle the entire amount (could be one or 12), at the end of our event to help raise funds for our cause.

Thank you to our 2018, 2019, & 2020 Doggies & Donuts venue sponsor, Quartyard!

All Doggies & Donuts events in 2020 will be held at:

Quartyard, Your City Block

1301 Market Street

San Diego, CA 92101

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