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Traci's PAWS 4 Equality

Our new global campaign supporting equality for all; people and pets.

Traci's Paws black and white logo supporting Black Lives Matter, and Juneteenth.
Traci's Paws Pride Paw supporting LGBTQ Pride Month

Traci’s Paws “PAWS4Equality” is our new campaign created out of love and our ongoing belief that there should be equality and justice for all; people and pets.


#TracisPAWS4Equality is out of respect for our friends who need their voices to be heard and to let them know that we stand with them in solidarity.

We have always celebrated all humans alongside their pets and always create safe environments at our events for all, as we do not tolerate disrespect of any kind, whether it be toward a specific breed of a pet or their owners regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or whether you are homeless, or anything else that makes you feel unsafe. 

It is imperative to our founder that we do our part in going one step further in ensuring that our friends feel that they not only feel safe at our events but feel supported by Traci's Paws, however possible.


We hope that by creating this global campaign, we can create a movement through our own animals' love to help show our support and that you will join us on this endeavor.


We also hope that when you see this hashtag or hear #TracisPAWS4Equality, you will actually pause and take a moment and reflect. Think of how you can help be a better neighbor. How you can be kinder, how you can help someone see a new perspective, how you can help your friends have a stronger voice, and work peacefully toward equality and justice for all; people and pets.



Please use the following hashtag, as we want our cause to be spread far and wide:


We have many battles of inequality and injustice throughout the year; we will continue to stand alongside our friends year after year.

For the month of June, we recognize and stand with our friends supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

Stay tuned on social media for our upcoming Instagram & Facebook photo campaigns!

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