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Traci's Paws has various fundraisers throughout the year, some in-person and others virtual. We love welcoming our local small businesses and artisans to gain exposure and bring in extra revenue. When selecting our vendors, we do our best to provide a variety of companies, so each vendor has an opportunity to earn money and not feel they compete with multiple vendors selling like items.

If you would like to sign up as a vendor at one of our events, we would love to have you!

Some events require a Vendor Fee, a cash donation to our cause, or the mission of that specific event. Other events do not require a cash Vendor Fee, but a donated item that you sell with a minimum retail value that will be used as a prize or an item for an opportunity drawing to help raise funds for our cause or mission of that event.

All vendors must hold a sales permit and minimum required insurance by the City of San Diego at specific event locations. You will always know what is needed depending on which event we welcome you to attend.

All fees may be paid through PayPal using our email address: or Venmo using @TracisPaws.

Be sure to spell everything correctly, as there is a new organization with the same name, spelled differently!

It is always best to copy and paste.

Complete the Vendor Form below for our next event!

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Vendor Opportunities

Show Your Support, Earn Money, and Bring Awareness to Your Brand!

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