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  • Emee the Chi PAWLENTINE

    Introducing Emee the Chi PAWLENTINE, a special gift that shows love to loved one and helps feed a pet in need. Our founder designed this product to support the Traci's Paws Pet Food Fund, which provides food to pets in homes facing financial difficulty.

    By purchasing an Emee the Chi PAWLENTINE, you are not only showing love to a friend or family member but also giving back to the community.

    Join us in making a difference today!


    What you get:


    1 set of 4, Emee the Chi PAWLENTINE cards.

    Each card has a designated area on the back to address to a friend or loved one

    4 cards on 1 sheet

    Dotted lines on the back for cutting, not perforated



    Sorry no returns or refunds.

    Price includes standard USPS shipping.

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