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New Year's Eve Pet Safety

Entering a new year and leaving the old one behind can be a lot of fun for us humans. It gives us a jump-start on our new goals and brings excitement to what is to come. While many of us celebrate and enjoy this day and evening, it can be less fun and exciting for our pets. In preparation for the celebration of our incoming year, Traci's Paws has created a list of ways you can ensure your pet's safety and comfort.


Many of us have dinners or small gatherings on New Year's Eve. Others will be going outside to watch fireworks. With your front door opening a lot to welcome your guests and potential firework watching at the end of the night, be sure that your pet stays safe. Here are some pet safety tips:

1. Make sure your pet's information and your contact information are up to date on the collar, ID tag, and with the microchip company. Do this today!

2. Know where your pet's microchip information is, the microchip company's contact number, and your pet's microchip number. Do this today as well.

3. Don't have a microchip? Get one! Many local shelters and veterinarians provide free or reduced microchips during the holidays.

4. Make sure your pet's collar is on and on correctly. Use the two-finger rule, then test to ensure it will not slip over his head.

5. Tire your pets out before the festivities. Go for a run or have him play some ball to get him relaxed. Never start a vigorous workout if your pet is not used to it; do what you usually do for exercise.

6. As a precaution, know which shelters your pet could be taken to if found if he happens to get out.

Traci's Paws tip: If you have a party, be sure to place a sign near the food stations asking people to not feed your pets.

If you have a dinner planned before the ball drops, remember that food for us is not for pets! Here is Traci's Paws' go-to photo for all gatherings, whether it's in your home or for a party at a venue where you may have pets in attendance with guests. Feel free to use it!

Be sure to make a sign near the food asking guests not to feed the pets. Not your party? Kindly ask the other guests not to feed your pet(s), as many foods that are tasty for us are toxic for our four-legged friends.


A busy night of cooking and carrying on with your guests can be fun, but it can be stressful for your pets. Be sure to put your pets in a quiet space before the guests arrive, especially during New Year's fireworks.

Please put them in a nice comfortable room with some background noise, a TV, or a fan to help drown out the sound of the hustle and bustle. Also, make sure they are secured and cannot escape. (Place a sign on the door if you have guests over). This also goes for small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. If they have cages near a window or slider door, please move them somewhere a little quieter if someone shoots off fireworks outside.

This will ensure that you and your pets have a safe and comfortable New Year's Eve.

If you lose or find a pet, please go to the following link for details on proceeding from "The Center of Lost Pets."

You may also go on your local Next Door app and social media groups for Lost and Found Pets in your area. Take fliers and post them throughout the neighborhood and contact all shelters.

I hope you and yours have a VERY Happy New Year!

Traci Wilkerson Steckel,

Founder & President of Traci's Paws

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