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Halloween Pet Safety

Spooky season is in full effect, and the night of all nights is just around the corner.

Keep your pets safe by reading tips on the Traci's Paws Pet Blog, The Paws Spot.

Contact information

Halloween is a night when a LOT is going on, and it can be scary for many pets.

While this is not as crazy as the 4th of July, it is a time when pets can get lost.

Be sure to get their collars on with proper ID, whether a tag or a collar with their name and number embroidered on it. Please ensure the contact information is updated and check in with your microchip company to correct it. No microchip? No problem! You still have time to get one!

Pet Theft

Halloween can be a time of mischief. Whether it is considered serious or just a minor prank, you never want your pets to be part of this. Be sure to keep all pets inside to prevent them from being stolen or at the hands of pranksters.


Trick or Treaters are cute and fun but can make much noise! Please keep your pets in a safe place in the house where they feel the most comfortable. You know your pets best, so maybe close by you in a kennel or put them in a locked room which should be quiet or set up with white noise.


Store your candy where your pets cannot get to it. Candy is not healthy for our furbabies, and chocolate or anything with artificial sweeteners is toxic, so be sure to keep them away! Also, to be safe, always know where your nearest Emergency Vet or Pet ER is located in case they sneak some candy in.


Just like candy, decorations can be dangerous. Keep pets away from pieces that could be choking hazards or even cause a fire, like candles. Go for electric candles instead of real flame candles. If you use props for photos, please always be sure to accompany them the entire time of the photo shoot to keep them safe.


If you need to dress your pet up for the occasion to get some good photos, ensure the costume is safe and comfy, and never stress your pet by forcing them to wear it. NO pet asks to get dressed up, LOL! It is only us silly pet parents who love it (me included!). So if your pet doesn't mind wearing a costume, make it the most relaxed and comfortable experience for them.

Speaking of costumes, we have included some of our furiends' pet photos from a previous Traci's Paws Halloween Costume Contest! Please enjoy and be sure to share these tips with your friends.

Want to hear Emee the Chi's Halloween Pet Safety tips? Check her out!

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