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Keeping Your Pets Hydrated!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Just a quick reminder that when it is hot outside or just in general for senior pets, it is easy for our pets to become dehydrated.

Here is a super easy and quick tip from "The Paws Spot," Traci's Paws' pet blog, to help your pets stay hydrated and safe during the warm temps or just in general when they may be at risk for being dehydrated.

Watch our founder Traci Wilkerson Steckel's ( and spokesdog Emee the Chi's) SUPER short YouTube video (it's only 47 seconds long) on how to help keep your pets hydrated!

The Paws Spot video on YouTube with Emee the Chi, Traci's Paws' pet blog. Pet news you can use!

FYI, we do not have a sponsorship or partnership with this water company; we just happened to have made a trip to Costco right before making the video.

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