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Time to Move: How to Make Sure Your Pet Stays Comfy

Updated: Jun 19

Moving is a challenge for us humans and it must be completely incomprehensible for our pets.

“We’re going where? With our couch?!?” Sometimes, it is inevitable, and we move to a new location — or even a new state — with pets in tow. There are ways to make our furry friends more comfortable during the transition and to help them settle into a new place. Moving can be costly, and this can make it difficult to provide food for your pet. Financial challenges could impact other areas of your move, so it may be helpful to brainstorm ideas for keeping your costs low along the way.

Cheap Ways to Move with a Pet in Tow

If you are moving to a new state and need to stay in hotels along the way, there are some that accommodate (and even welcome) pets. While not super common, pet-friendly hotels are treasures for pet owners who are moving or traveling. Many offer reasonable fees or simply have no additional charge for your animal companion.

Perhaps you are moving to a new location but do not have housing or employment established.

If you have friends or family in the area, you could save money by arranging to stay with them for a few days. Be sure to check with them to make sure they can accommodate your pet as well. You may consider bringing some puppy pads along to protect their furniture from pet hair as an added measure to show your gratitude. When you find a new home, there are ways to make your pet’s transition go more smoothly.

Helping Your Pet Settle In

Moving to a new home is exciting, but stressful for both you and your furry companion. To help your pet settle in, consider establishing an area designated for their familiar belongings. Set up their pet bedding, toys, and food dishes prior to bringing them into the home so they are immediately greeted with the familiar, comforting scents. Quickly create a routine your pet can rely on to develop comfort in the new space, including consistent feeding times and locations,

and time spent snuggling and playing together.

If you have a cat, think about ways to bring joy into their transition, such as setting up a

windowsill seat where they can perch and watch the happenings outside. If your cat is a bit skittish at first, let them hide and investigate independently. Sit on the floor with your kitty as they sniff around and come back to you for comfort and security. Try to move your pet into the home last; the stress of being present for all the foot traffic of moving and navigating boxes and furniture through doorways might cause them unnecessary stress. After you have moved into your home, consider some fun ways to have adventures together, particularly if you have a dog.

Places to Go, People to Meet

You and your doggie (or kitty if you have an open-minded feline) can have great adventures in your new location. Find nearby walking trails and dog parks to investigate. While walking your good boy, you might even meet some new human friends and learn about some other dog-friendly areas of the city, or places where you can get supplies and access veterinary care. If you have an online pet-supply account, you can access all sorts of pet gear at great prices, and even have auto-ship activated to save additional money.

Before long, you and your pet will be settled into your new home. Just being together will help both of you adjust to the new location. If you need support for your pet supplies or would like to learn more about Traci’s Paws, visit our website today!

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