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National Bird Day

Today is National Bird Day. What does this mean exactly? Well I have seen many organizations using the hashtag #NationalBirdDay, for their online marketing today. From companies with the name "Bird" in them, anti-president campaigns, to the MLB giving a shout out to Greg Bird. But today is a day to learn more about our feathered friends who have evolved from a time well before ours, the bird.

It is a day to support these beautiful creatures from being captured in the wild, for our financial gain. They are not capable of being domesticated like a cat or dog, and not enough bird owners truly know these animals well enough to care for them the way they need to be in captivity. Due to this, we see many being released into neighborhoods, taken to shelters, or even worse.

To learn more from the avian experts, I invite you to visit the Avian Welfare Coalition website and see how you can help support saving our wild birds, and keeping them flourishing in their own natural habitats. If you really want to spend time with these creatures, go to the zoo, or a local avian sanctuary where you can learn more about them and have a hands-on experience.

Traci's Paws believes that all animals should be cared for, respected, and ADOPTED. If you and your family have all of the knowledge and truly want one of these beautiful animals as a pet, be sure to adopt from your nearest bird rescue, and never buy from a pet store.

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