• Traci Wilkerson Steckel

Giving Tuesday Now

Today is #GivingTuesdayNow.

Although Traci's Paws does not directly assist the healthcare professional industry, we help our community on many, many levels. I sat in on a call with Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber a few days ago and she said this is the first time in years she has seen a downfall for small grassroots nonprofits like Traci's Paws, and we need your help.

Last year alone we produced 31 events and fundraisers that assisted rescue organizations and nonprofits. This year, we've only had a couple of events and with the COVID-19 quarantine, we intended to postpone many but will have to cancel most of them like many other organizations out there included.

We supported local artisans and small businesses who attended our events free of charge at all but one and were able to connect to create partnerships and bring in business of their own. And that that one event where they had to pay a vendor fee, 100% of that fee went to sponsor pet adoption fees for military/veterans!

We collect tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and monetary donations to sponsor pet adoption fees for military and veteran individuals and families during the holidays (Over $257,378.00 for 381 military and veteran individuals in the last 4 years is fact).

We raise tens of thousands of dollars in supplies for pet rescue organizations, shelters and animal centers each year to help save homeless pets lives.

We help find new homes for at least 25-30 homeless pets each year as well, saving these pets’ lives in turn.

We provide Pet Hospitality at The Walk4Alzheimer’s & AIDS Walk San Diego, entertaining their attendees with pet costume contests, providing emotional support with Pet Therapy, a place to rest before and after they walk, treats and water for their pets and even bring awareness and donations to their causes and in the most recent years, we’ve provided Pet Hospitality for the Linda Vista Multicultural Fair and Parade and San Diego Pitties in the park.

We do everything we can do to help our community on so many levels.

Last year with your help and our 31 events, we were able to raise over $134,000 and provide this to many people and pets.This year, we have only received a few hundred dollars. 2020 was supposed to be "Our year", the year we were going to do bigger things, but of course we cannot always control nature.

We just had our 7th anniversary, a small milestone in what we hope our future holds. Today I am asking for your help to keep us alive, to keep us going for years to come starting with a small fundraiser to represent our 7 years in existence, for just $700 on this #GivingTuesdayNow.

So while the work we do may not be to assist healthcare professionals, we do so much every day to help so many people in our community, and hope that you will consider making a small donation today.

We have a long road ahead but I know we can do this with your support.

Thank you.


Traci & Emee


501(c)3 EIN 46-3689477



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