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Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Updated: Jun 24

Today is "Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day". For some of us this a piece of cake but for others this is a dreaded day - a feline fiasco of getting our cat to the vet!

Regardless of the ease of transport, the importance of this day is just the same. The health of your kitty is just as valuable as any other pet you may have. Unlike dogs, cats oftentimes do not display their symptoms when ill. It very easy for your cat to have a urinary tract infection or even Diabetes and you not even be aware. It is always best to take your cat in for a regular check up as a preventative, as you would for yourself for an annual check up. And the more you take your cat in the car or to the vet, the easier the trips should become.

While in for your visit, this is also the PURfect opportunity for you to update your cat's microchip information or to get a microchip if needed.

Some ailments that your kitty could be quietly suffering from include:

Upper Respiratory Infections

Feline Leukemia

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus



Renal Failure


So you have made the call for your cat's next appointment, that's half of the battle. From today until that appointment, start bringing out your cat's carrier into the living space. Move it around to visit all of the areas your cat naps, eats, the litter box, anywhere, to help make it part of the living area and not a sore thumb on appointment day.

This is Tabitha Ann and although she wasn't a huge fan of traveling in the car, she would go in the carrier if I'd leave it out overnight and it was "her choice" to go inside.

Also, try putting some cat nip toys or one of your recently worn shirts in there to coax kitty to go inside at times other than the moment before heading out the the vet. This way your cat will feel more comfortable as this has become familiar and just another piece of furniture in the living space.

If you have a cat like my old Gabriella, you may need to take drastic measures! Grab your cat while she is unsuspecting, and put her in a pillow case. Once inside, place the the cat (in pillowcase) inside the carrier where she can get out of the pillow case after the carrier door is shut. It may not be the most fun way, but at least she will make it to the vet in one piece, not sure about you though!

There are so many calming kitty treats on the market these days, I'd ask your veterinarian if they suggest one might be best for your cat or even a prescription if you know your cat may need it to be calm for the transport if it might be a longer one.

Good luck, and if you have any vet day experiences you would like to share with us, please email to SavePets@TracisPaws.com.

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