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What's Your Pup Made Of?

About a month ago,

we decided to give our sweet spokesdog Emee the Chi a Wisdom Panel DNA test for health purposes

(and for a little fun too), to see if she was truly the product of a doggy love affair, LOL!

It was always a possibility, but unknown since her mama liked to cruise the neighborhood at times, LOL!

Well we found out that her parents were really her parents, but that they in fact were mixes! See Emee the Chi's Family Tree below.

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The Wisdom Panel is pretty awesome because they have 2 different versions of the test.

The Essential, which tests for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties, 25+ genetic conditions, 35+ traits, and more, and the one we opted for, The Premium, which is the most comprehensive dog DNA test available. It screens for 200+ genetic conditions, 350+ breeds, types, and varieties, and 35+ traits. Plus, includes a free call with a licensed veterinarian to discuss positive health findings.

We were really excited to get the health portion back because Emee has so many unexplained health issues. While she surprisingly tested pretty well in the health aspect, we did learn a little about her ancestry!

It is pretty crazy to think they found FIVE DIFFERENT breeds, in our little Emee the Chi!

Emee the Chi's Family Tree

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