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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so we posted one of the last photos our spokesdogs took before Lexi's passing.

Emee was 11, and Lexi nearly 19.

Many senior pets end up in shelters every year for various reasons.

Traci's Paws wants to bring awareness to these beautiful souls and give a few examples of why people send their senior pets to the shelter, and hopefully encourage you to save them.

Like senior humans, senior pets tend to have more health issues, which means more expenses, and whether people can afford it or not, many are relinquished to the shelter since they are now seen as a burden. Although we cannot tell the future and know where we'll be financially in 10-20 years, one way to help an aging pet's expenses is to start a savings account for them. Opt to make your own coffee a few times a week and put that cash aside.

Some people are not connected with their pets, miss the youthful stage, and want to relinquish their senior pets for a baby and more playful version. UGH! Remember, your sweet little kitten or puppy will grow old, just like you, one day loving you every step of the way, and never judge your graying hair or wrinkles! Be kind and keep your pets.

We also know that some breeders do not truly love their pets but see them as a financial gain. They tend to relinquish them once they're beyond their "breeding stage," as they lose profitability. If we continue to buy pets from breeders, this issue will continue for the end of time. Consider adopting your kitten or puppy OR SENIOR PET from a reputable rescue, shelter, or center. There are SO MANY breed-specific rescues out there.

Parents and relatives pass away and leave their pets behind. We can prevent people from bringing in pets due to owners passing away to create a plan early on. Chances are you will outlive your beloved pet, but if not, you will know exactly where it will go if you pass before him. Some rescue organizations have lifetime care programs that allow you to gift them a donation, and they will care for your pet for the duration of its life. You can also put your pets into your will and have a friend or relative care for them after you’re gone. Our founder has done this.

Whatever the reason, we hope you will love your pets from year 1 through year 12, 15, or even 19 and beyond. Respect and love your pets through all seasons of their lives because 1 thing is certain. Your pets will ALWAYS love and look to you for comfort & safety.

For those pets who have been relinquished at shelters, we hope you will find it in your heart to take over loving one for the rest of its life by adopting.

The Late Lexi the Dachs and Emee the Chi, Traci's Paws Spokesdogs

Here are some San Diego senior dog rescues we've worked with by facilitating adoption events and provided monetary donations and pet food over the years:

Traci's Paws "paws"!

Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County- Silver Linings

Frosted Faces Foundation

Lionel's Legacy

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