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National Polar Bear Day

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

What do you think of when you hear polar bear? Are you instantly thirsty for an ICEE or Coke?

How about being taken back to your childhood trips to the zoo or Sea World? Does anyone think of anything different?

I’d say those are the initial things that run across my mind when I think of when I hear about these giant mammals. But these fantastic beasts are more than just icons that are the face of a few cool brands.


February 27, 2019, is National Polar Bear Day.

Why do we have a National Polar Bear Day, you ask? Unfortunately, these gorgeous creatures are in great danger of losing their habitats due to global warming. We’ve already seen fairly drastic changes in temperatures over the last few years (and before that for decades), and it is melting the ice that polar bears need to live. We must do all that we can to help stop the environmental changes that will ultimately be the end of these magnificent creatures.

For some fun facts about Polar Bears, click on the National Geographic Kids logo and even find a downloadable printout for your kids.

So today, if you have the time, try to hit the zoo or an aquatic venue to spend a little time with these amazing creatures, or click the photo below and watch the LIVE Polar Bear camera from the San Diego Zoo.

Just click on the photo below.

Live Polar Bear Cam

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