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Post-summer sadness doesn’t even have time to settle in, as we start August off with a howling good time, celebrating all of the rescue dogs from sea to shining sea on August 1st!

Photo by Audrey Cox Ricks Photography, Sunsets Unleashed

In 2008, North Shore Animal League America, noted as the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, founded DOGust, the day declared to celebrate all shelter dogs still “on the inside” and those who’ve been adopted, as their designated birthday as a way to honor these dogs and promote pet adoption.

If you have a rescue pup and haven’t planned a pawty, not to worry! San Diego has many great pet stores & bakeries with doggy birthday cakes and even boxed pup cake & ice cream mix that you can pick up on the way home from work. If you have a pet on a strict diet, try making a cake using his/her own food. Remember to consult your veterinarian before introducing something new like a pupcake into your pet’s diet.

Did she say birthday cakes and ice cream for your PETS? Yes! In a recent survey conducted by Head Solutions Group LLC. on behalf of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, more millennials consider their pet as a “fur baby” and are spending more money on their pets now than ever. We believe this includes splurging for pet birthday parties too, as this is definitely a growing trend.

From celebrity pups on Instagram to a high end automotive dealership, people from all over are celebrating rescue pups by sharing photos of their furry friend’s birthday and bringing awareness to pet adoption. If you want to join in on the DOGust fun, share your photos by tagging them with #DOGust.

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