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Walk Your Pet Month

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Walk your pet month

Did you know that almost 60% of pets in the United States are overweight? The number of overweight pets is on the rise and can cause a number of health issues for your pet, including early death.

I’m sure many of you have made new year's resolutions which may include weight loss and or exercise for yourself.

Well, January is Walk your Pet Month and it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your pal to share in the lifestyle change for 2018. Of course, not all pets make good walking buddies, but if your pet loves the outdoors, there are few great reasons why you should take him or her along.

If you have a pet that you want to teach to walk on leash or a dog that is adamant to not walk while on leash, this is the perfect opportunity. It is more and more common to see cats on leash but you want to make sure that you are not putting your cat at risk of being chased by another pet. Start in your home or in your yard before venturing out. For your dog, this is a great time to train him on the leash and also, other basic commands. Be sure to bring the treats!

What was your resolution again? Oh yeah, exercise. If you or your pet are not conditioned to walk very far, do not push either of you. Just like you can overdo it, your pet can too. Start with a short trek, then step it up every few days. This will be a great way to build up to a walk that will get you and your pet on your way to slimming down. Be sure to bring water with you!

Energy. This is great for both ends of the spectrum. Are you or fido lacking energy? Well a little blood flow from your walk will be a nice boost to get you going. How about too much energy? Is fido being a little rambunctious at home? Well walking will help him expend that energy and should chill out his inner “bull in a china shop” antics.

Another reason why walking is good, is for your mental health. When you are out in the fresh air and your blood is flowing, you release endorphins that make you feel good. You may also run across a few people along the way which will be a great way to be more social, and for many people, is also a boost in the “feel good” department. If you meet other doggies during the walk, this is a great way to introduce your dog and teach him socialization skills that are also very important.

And to me, one of the best part of walking with your pet is that it will give you so much more time to bond. The relationships we have with our pets are very special, and they love to be with you, especially dogs. This will be a great time to reaffirm your love to your pet by spending some quality time together.

Check out our new friends we met out on our walk, with their kitty Jack! They brought Jack out in a cool little U-Pet space pack so he could see out while his parents did the walking. I think it Is

Traci "walking" Lexi & Emee.

a very cool idea to bring your other pets along as long as they’re comfortable and feel safe.

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