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Storytime with Traci, stories about pets to help your kiddos get through the COVID-19 Quarantine!

Updated: Jun 24

Hi everyone!

I hope are all staying as happy and healthy as possible during this very uncertain time we are all experiencing together, during the Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders.

Some of you have already been watching on our founder's personal YouTube channel, but we decided to start adding the stories about pets to our Traci's Paws YouTube channel to help the parents and teachers out there with homeschooling or just to give you a short break with storytelling. We want to help alleviate some of the stress and also inspire others to do the same, with Random Acts of Kindness while we might find some spare time on our hands.

We have some great books from some great authors out there and our founder Traci will be reading some aloud on the YouTube channel for as long as possible. Some authors have only given her permission to keep the videos up for a certain amount of time, while others have given permission to keep them up indefinitely...so please watch while you can, and remember to like, share and subscribe!

At this time, all stories are written and illustrated by others, and are not the works of Traci's Paws, Inc. or Traci Wilkerson Steckel, just read by Traci.

We hope you enjoy!

Please click on each video for the story. Remember, each book is available for purchase and when you share, we love when you use our hashtag, as well as giving the author, illustrator and publisher credit as well. We will be adding more books from the current author, and 2 new authors next week.


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