About Us

Traci’s Paws is the first 501c3

non-profit organization of its kind, founded for

"Pet Rescue Assistance".
We are dedicated to saving homeless animals’ lives and assisting pet rescue organizations, animal centers and shelters in the state of California and nationally.

Through our work, we are able to increase these organizations' adoption success rates by facilitating adoption events providing funds & supplies needed to keep them thriving.

Traci’s Paws also works with our community of pet owners to help ensure their experience is the best possible to keep their pets in their homes for life. This may be assisting with humane education, spay and neuter advocacy and with the assistance of providing information of other programs that rescue partners may have that are beneficial to these pet owners. 
Traci’s Paws strives to work with these rescue organizations, animal centers and shelters, and the community, to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for homeless pets and decrease pet overpopulation.


Traci’s Paws, is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless pets' lives by assisting pet rescue organizations to increase their adoption success rates and by providing support to our community. 

Our Founder

"Saving the World, One Animal at a Time"

What We Do

The work we do at our Nonprofit Organization is aimed at providing assistance to our local rescue organizations, animal centers and shelters and all pet owners.

Take a look at the work we do, and see how you can join in or even benefit from the following:

​T​raci Wilkerson Steckel, a native Texan and former educator, has had a love for animals from the day she was born. Of course her parents and grandparents might say they had a little something to do with this too!

Living out in the country of a small Texas town, her family experienced many discarded pets “dumped” onto their property.  Wilkerson grew up taking in these pets as her own as she did with many animals throughout her adulthood that were given to her by friends, her vet, and colleagues from a school where she taught First Grade.


The passion for saving these pets’ lives and that love instilled by her family gave her the initiative to do something on a higher level for pets across the country.

What began as a simple Facebook Page to share pets that were on borrowed time in shelters and rescues, Traci's Paws grew into something greater; an incorporated, first of its kind 501c3 non-profit organization based in San Diego, CA.


"Saving the World, One Animal at a Time!”-

Traci’s Paws, Inc.

Pet Therapy
Traci's Paws facilitates pet therapy sessions at local public & private events, benefiting other causes in our community.
Pet "VIP" Hospitality
Traci's Paws provides pet hospitality at local events benefiting other causes in our community.
Pet Food and Bedding Drives
Traci's Paws facilitates pet food & bedding drives to provide for our local rescues in need.
Traci's Paws provides funds to local rescue organizations through creative fundraising.
Pet Adoption Events
Traci's Paws facilitates pet adoption events for our local rescues.
Paws Parties
Traci's Paws facilitates pet birthday parties that benefit local rescues.
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Our Mission

Our Board


Yvette F. Sanchez


Scott F. Steckel

Executive Director

Ruth E. Guerrier


501(c)3 EIN 46-3689477



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Pet Food and Bedding Drives

Traci's Paws facilitates pet food & bedding drives to provide for our local rescues in need.

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